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New Splice Tape with Shim for Panasonic


Tape with splice shim arrow on the right allows machine to detect splice on assorted Panasonic equipments. Splice has perforation on black tape to allow small slit of black tape to cover sprocket drive holes for splice detection sensor.

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TAPE EXTENDERS OR LEADER TAPE TAPE EXTENDERS: Our most popular product right now with our customers. One of the biggest problems is the waste of components on a reel that don't have a leader at the beginning of the SMD reel. The Tape Extenders are used for the partial reels that don't have a leader. The Tape Extender adds an additional 500mm of tape as a leader. They feed into your SMT feeder as a piece of covertape. The Tape Extenders reduce the loss of components when you have no leader tape to work with. When your order is for 200 boards from your contract manufacturer, you can provide them with 200 components on each reel and ONLY 200. Our customers tell us that it is not that the components are so expensive, it's just that when the customer sends 200 components on a reel without a leader, the first few components are wasted on the pick and place machine for starting the feeder. With the Tape Extenders, you have no waste. You can receive the partial reels with a Tape Extender and feed the machine without any waste. The Tape Splicer Kit comes with a box of assorted Tape Extenders for 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24m and 32-44mm Carrier Tapes.

Universal Tape Splicer Steps
●  Cut the ends of the SMD Carrier Tapes in the center of the Sprocket Drive Hole OR the Center of the pocket on the Carrier Tapes.  (Carrier Tape alignment tool is also available for greater accuracy in splicing with the Tape Splicer Tool.
●   Place the Brass shim in the Tape Splicer Tool with the teeth on the brass splice shim facing up. 
●  Place the Leader tape of the New Reel onto the Tape Splicer in the center of the splicing shim, then place the trailing end of the carrier tape to be changed centered on the splicing shim on the Tape Splicer Tool.
●  Rotate the Carrier Tape Hold down clamps on the Tape Splicer to hold down the carrier tape.  (The Tape Splicer Hold down clamps allows you to keep one hand free while crimping with the Tape Splicer Tool).
Crimp the Tape Splicer Tool. Release Tape Splicer handle and the splice is made on the bottom of the carrier Tape. 
●   Place SMD Tape Connector centered on covertapes and the Splice is complete.  Remove the joined carrier tape from the Tape Splice Tool and feed into the pick and place machine without line shut down.

Using our splice tape for SMT, which guarantee perfect and reliable joints in punched carrier tapes without shutting off to machine.

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Give us a call at: 800.608.8273
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