Antistatic Econoshield Coat 3/4 R Blue Extra Large

Lapel-style collars, set-in sleeves and standard 3-pocket configuration.

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  • Fabric weight: 2.3 oz per square yard.
  • Color selection: Intel specified Diamond Blue Fabric
  • Meets normal FR requirements for polyester fabrics.
  • Fabric will not crock or bleed off onto other surfaces.
  • Fabric content 98% polyester and 2% Conductive Fibers. (carbon-suffused monofilament nylon), knit in grid pattern.
  • Carbon suffused monofilament nylon fiber.
  • Conductive at 104 and is non-flaking and non-sloughing.
  • Surface resistivity of fabric is 106 ohms per square with only slight deterioration noticed after 50 launderings. (To maximum of 109).
  • Static decay rate per 101C method 5000 volts to 500 in less than 0.1 second.
  • Finish is disperse-dyed heat set. Contains no softeners, hand builders, etc.
  • Glass transition rate 450oF, flash point 720oF.
  • Static Control Performance: Fabric has excellent shielding properties for use in applications where grounding the garment is unnecessary

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